Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Completed Projects!

Here's two quilts that two of my adult students recently completed!

The first is a memory quilt, for her Grandson, done in team colours with photos of the mascot, and the team photos for this year and last year. We have left the opposite corners empty for now, so that we can add team photos for the next two years that he is on the team. An excellent keepsake, it will also keep his Mom warm, cheering for him at all his games!

This next one, was done by another one of my students who is excitedly waiting for the birth of her new Grandson! It was the first time she completed a quilt from start to finish, so proud of her! She quilted a heart, in each of the large blue squares, they look great from the back as well.
I love her colour choice, he will be able to grow with it.

No one will ever understand the feeling I get when I see my student's succeed at something they doubted. I almost find more joy in watching other people finish their quilts, than I feel when I finish my own!

Awesome job ladies!

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