Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reading Week!

I realized it's been so long since I have made a new post!
Even over reading week, life doesn't stop being busy! It seems to be flying by so quickly, although I did try my best to get lots of sewing time in! I spent a few days at the cottage over reading week, it was so nice. This is a picture of the view of the lake from my balcony.

I recently finished a table runner for my Mom. It's made with five paper-pieced turtles. My family has an "inside-joke" with turtles as people frequently mistake our last name, "Tuttle" for "Turtle", so I thought it was quite fitting.

I have also been tidying up my room...(mother's orders! haha) and I have begun to make a T-shirt quilt. I'm not following any specific pattern, just cutting up and sewing together what I can. I didn't really plan on it looking symmetrical or "organized" I just wanted it to look scrappy and warm. I have already decided I'm going to put it on my bed at the cottage when it is done. Hopefully I can get the top together before I start school again next week.

Picture to come soon!

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