Monday, August 20, 2012

The Canadian Quilter

Today, I received the Autumn 2012 issue of The Canadian Quilter Magazine.
This is the 2nd magazine I have ben featured in, in less than a year!
The article is based on an interview I had with one of the writers for the magazine and also includes some pictures of my work, on page 93!

I am so very honoured and excited to be featured in their prestigious magazine. Thank you CQA!

Cover of the issue:
My article on page 93:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hand Stitched Fabric Flowers

I've recently made some flowers out of scraps of fabric and odd buttons, that are very quick to do and do NOT require the use of a "Clover yo-yo Disc".

With the help of a special friend, I now have a YouTube tutorial explaining how I made the flowers.

After the creation of the video, I decided that the flowers could also be turned into hair-flowers.

I purchased a package of hair clips at the dollar store, that look like this:

Since the clips had tiny holes in them, I was able to sew the clip directly to the back of one of the flowers that I made.

You can make these flowers out of any type of fabric and use them as embellishment for many sewing projects or other types of crafts.