Thursday, January 29, 2015

Where Have I Been?!


Apologies for the lack of blog posts in January...I'm not off to a good start for 2015 am I?

Life has gotten a little crazy lately (as if my life was not already hectic enough, haha)

Although I have not been doing a whole lot of sewing lately, I did create this little masterpiece a couple of weeks back, for my boyfriend's surprise Birthday party.
It was my first attempt at a 3D fondant cake.

I'm quite happy with the results of it. 
I will be doing some Valentine's Day baking over the next couple of weeks. Last night I caved and made some blondies though. Here are my brown sugar, white chocolate chip, valentine's day blondies, topped with cream cheese icing. I did make these last year, except back then I use some red and pink smarties, instead of chocolate chips, and I did not use any icing. 

Now I can hear you all saying, "this is a quilting blog, not a baking blog! Where are your sewing photos? Where are the quilting tutorials?"
I've got you, don't worry. I am busy making up a few new Valentine's Day themed sewing/quilting projects, and I will be making a YouTube video, featuring all of those new items, very , very soon!

In the meantime, if you are new to my blog, you can definitely check out last year's video! You may be inspired :)

This coming weekend I will be taking a trip to Sudbury ON to visit a very good friend of mine who attends university there.
So a friendly reminder to my students that there will be no sewing classes this
Saturday, January 31st.

To keep up to date on what I"m working on, follow me on Instagram :) quilters.workshop
Also, if you make something from one of my videos, use the hashtag #quiltersworkshop , when posting your photos, I'd love to see them!

Happy Stitching!
Love, Tiffany

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First Post of 2015!

Hi Everyone!
I hope you all had a fantastic and safe holiday and are off to a great start in 2015!

In my last post I showed some quilt blocks that I was working on. Sadly this is all that I have done on it during the holiday. It was a very hectic break for me, so the quilt top is completed. But it is missing the three B's : borders, backing and binding! Its never too late to work on a Christmas project, right?

Now, what did I get for Christmas, you might ask? As you can see by the photo below, I got surprised with a brand new handmade hutch for my guinea pig! (Yes, his name is Pig) My boyfriend made this from scratch, it has a pull-out bottom for easy cleaning, a little hide-away so pig can burrow, with a door so that I can get him out of it if I need to, a ramp that leads to the upstairs, and the top opens fully for easy access to clean and feed mister Pig. Photos of Pig inside his new palace will follow. :)

I had a few adventures in some small towns, East of where I live in Ontario, and I came across this monument of a quilt. I was here about 5 years ago, when I did a trunk show presentation for one of the local quilt guilds. I admit I had forgotten of its existence, but it made me smile and made my day! Are there any needlework monuments where you live? Or have you ever come across any? If you know where this particular one is, then you are awesome and we need to be best friends. ;)

 Wishing everyone a great new year!