Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back to Work We Go...

It's official, the holidays passed us by so quickly this year! I am glad to be back at school though and I'm sure I will regret those words as soon as the semester starts getting heavy!

Last night I finished binding the quilt I gave to my brother for his 23rd Birthday. I made it with warm earth-tones, beige, brown, green and shades of blue. It is quilted using beige thread, and since the backing is green, you can see the stitching designs nicely on the back. I'm very happy with it.
I taught my first sewing class of 2012 on Monday evening, and am pleased with the work some of my ladies did over the holidays! Their quilt tops are almost complete and soon they will be quilting and binding!

Looking forward to my Saturday class to begin as well. I'm sure there will be more projects being completed and some brand new pieces to begin!

My favourite part of quilting is always picking the fabrics. Sometimes I don't even know what pattern I am going to do, but I find it helps if I am inspired by a specific print, then I can go from there and decide what I want to use it for. The problem with this however is that it is extremely addicting and tempting to pick out lots and lots of projects, and then I get ahead of myself and want to start too many projects at once. I often get bored working away at just one project though, I find it boring to stare at the same colour palette for so long, especially if I decide to work on a project for a whole day. I like to have at least two projects going, with drastic differences in colour palettes, so I can switch when I get tired.

I had a meeting tonight with one of my fabric sales reps, so many beautiful new prints out for spring! It makes it so hard to choose only a few, or else I would be absolutely broke! I'm so excited for the bolts to arrive!

"A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars" -my excuse to make more quilts.


  1. I really like that quilt, and i love the colours you chose! was it a pattern in a book? i would love any information about it. thanks :)

  2. Yes it is from a book, it's called "Amazingly Simple Star Quilts" by Jeanne Stauffer & Sandra Hatch. The quilt itself is on page 80 and is called "stars in the crossroads".