Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Sneak-Peek...

Hi Everyone,

Here's a couple of photos of some fun things I've been working on for my upcoming craft shows!

Who doesn't love little Olaf from Disney's "Frozen"? If you have not watched the movie yet, I highly recommend it. It is by far the greatest "Disney Princess" movie I have ever seen. For my students in my classes, stay tuned, we may just have a work shop coming up so you can each have your own little Olaf stocking...

This pillow is for all the fans of John Green's, "The Fault in Our Stars" novel/movie.

Stay tuned for more sneak-peeks of what I'm working on for the show!
Don't forget to come and check out the Durham Craft and Gift Show on October 24-26! :)

For all of you lovely crafters who are not committed to being a vendor at the craft show, remember to visit the "Creativ Needlework Festival" in Toronto! It is being held the same weekend, October 24-26.

Website with additional information for the festival:

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