Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trunk Shows

As most of you know from reading my blog, I present my trunk show to quilt guilds pretty frequently.
I did my very first trunk show when I was 15 and after doing that first show, I have been continuously invited to other guilds or referred from one guild member to another. I have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to visit various towns and meet so many fabulous quilters.
Trunk shows are probably my favourite part of what I do. It's really  hard to have a conversation about quilting with someone who does not quilt, and even showing quilts to "non-quilters" is just not the same as showing it to someone who truly understands and can relate to all the hard work you put into it. I love sharing tips, techniques, stories and showcasing my work to a room full of people who are just as excited to be there as I am.
The only unfortunate thing is that while I am a full time university student, it is hard to be able to get to guild meetings because of class time or exam conflicts. However, since my exams for this semester end in April, that means I have lots of shows coming up in May & June.

I have a fun little video clip that I have just recently posted onto my Youtube channel. It is a small portion of a quilt show that I presented to the Lindsay Creative Quilter's Guild back in April 2012. Follow the link if you would like to watch my "Trunk Show Sneak Peak"

For anyone who is interested, here is a list of some of the guilds I will be visiting this spring 2013 :)
May 2nd - Mississauga Quilter's Guild - Mississauga ON
May 21st - Trent Valley Quilter's Guild - Trenton ON
May 23rd - Simcoe County Quilter's Guild - Barrie ON
June 25th - Lakeshore Quilter's Guild - Port Hope ON

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