Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Quilts, Post 5

This Christmas quilt is probably my absolute #1 favourite.

It measures approximately 59x38.

The entire thing is machine appliqueed or hand embroidered. It is from a pattern called "Dash Away" by Bee Creative Studio. (

This year, my parents have hung my jumbo Christmas stockings on either side (I made them using panels several years ago). From the ceiling, they have hung jumbo Christmas ornaments using clear sewing thread, so that the ornaments looks like they're floating just above the garland/quilt.

This quilt is usually a crowd favourite at trunk shows, so it comes with me every time I do a presentation.

This is me talking about the quilt at the Lindsay Creative Quilter's guild. 

One of my students actually completed this quilt in my classes last winter: (this is proof that YOU can make it too!)

Never be discouraged by a pattern, YOU CAN DO IT!

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