Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Quilts, Post 4

Today's wall hanging is really simple!

I took a paper piecing foundation block of a snowman's head from my Electric Quilt program.
I then enlarged the paper piecing block to my desired size, and instead of printing out the foundation pattern, I selected the option to print out the templates/cutting directions.

Paper piecing small blocks is done for the purpose of being able to piece together a block that has really tiny pieces, that you would not be able to put together otherwise. However, it is actually quite difficult to cheat and use a paper piecing pattern for pieces that are too large. If they are large enough to piece together normally, then that is what you do! It is important to utilize the proper techniques for specific projects.

His eyes and nose are machine appliqued, and his mouth is hand embroidered. I added an actual scarf at the end, to add more detailing.

This is a quick idea that can be done for any block you chose from Electric Quilt. (or any other foundation piecing pattern)

1 comment:

  1. I disagree that paper piecing is in any way "cheating," but I agree that for large pieces it is not the most expedient method. Whatever gets the job done!

    This snowman is a jolly fellow! He looks a great deal like our RVQG BOM for January. :)