Monday, July 17, 2017

Rainbow Quilt From A Jelly Roll

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to write a quick post about what I worked on over the weekend!

I was inspired a few weeks ago by a post on Instagram by Rob from Man Sewing.
He filmed a quilt-as-you-go tutorial on his YouTube channel as well, for a rainbow quilt! It looked absolutely beautiful and when I saw the photos on Instagram, I remembered that I already have a jelly-roll with solid rainbow colours! I finally was inspired to use it, after many years of hiding in my stash!
You can check out Rob's (@mansewing) Instagram by clicking here :)

Please keep in mind that I did not create the same quilt as Rob, but was simply inspired to get out that rainbow jelly roll when I saw his posts!

The first thing that I did was lay out all the strips in the order that I wanted them to be!

I joined all of the strips together - and at first I thought I wanted to leave the quilt this way! It was so satisfying to look at!

But then, I thought, what if I cut it up and re-sewed the strips together....

A few hours later, I decided to be brave and cut vertical strips up the quilt, which I then laid out to create a brand new design! I'm so glad that I decided to go for it because I am so thrilled with the completed look of this quilt top.

Lucky for you, I filmed the entire thing! So if you would like to make your own rainbow quilt from a jelly-roll, check out my video tutorial here!

Happy Quilting, Everyone!


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