Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Custom Order and Website Launch!

Hi Everyone,

This is a very busy week for me!
I'm prepping for my next (and last) craft show of the season! On Saturday November 14th I will be at the West Rouge community centre in Scarborough.

As well, I have a lovely group of volunteers who has been helping out over the past couple of months, getting ready for our holiday donation. We've been making pillowcases that will be donated to the Denise House, and small blankets that will be donated to a local shelter that helps abused, neglected and senior cats. We've made great progress so far and I will be posting photos soon!

And finally, today I will be advertising a "soft launch" of my new website! My website currently features photos of my students' work, as well as items available for purchase in-store by my consigners! The "cart" feature is not fully complete so stay tuned for photos of individual products & their prices! You can check out my website HERE

This week I also completed a custom order, for two memory pillows. I absolutely love the idea of these, as keepsakes not only after the passing of a loved one, but even for someone who is moving away, etc. (The shirt can be unbuttoned to remove the pillow form, to wash the outside covering if needed)

I believe that these pillows are going to be given as Christmas gifts. I can't think of a more touching and beautiful gift to receive. 
If you are interested in having pillows like these made, feel free to send me an E-mail at quilters.workshop@gmail.com 

What have you been working on lately?

Happy Quilting,
Love, Tiffany


  1. I must say, the Memory Pillows are something I’ve never seen before. Do you plan on making these available to others? My wife loves hand-crafted items, and you have given me something to consider. You are dedicated to your craft, and look to pass on a valuable skill that is becoming quite rare these days. Best of luck.

    Johnny @ Web Solutions Firm

    1. Hi Johnny - yes, I do custom orders for these pillows. Please feel free to send me an E-mail at quilters.workshop@gmail.com for the info :)

  2. These memory pillows are a really cool idea! Great as Christmas gift, but really touching for anyone who’s missing a loved one for whatever reason. When do you expect the shop section on your website to be up and running? I would definitely be interested in ordering one, as well as some of the soaps as birthday presents.

    Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing

    1. Hi there!
      Hopefully very soon, I have been adding photos to it almost everyday but have not as of yet made it live, until it is ready. However, you can shop in-person at the store in Whitby.