Monday, August 5, 2013

"Back To School" Craft Night

In celebration of a brand new school year I have come up with a special craft night! The project I have chosen to teach is a fabric binder cover. This is a fun and practical project to learn to make. The cost of the class is $10, which includes the cost of the class as well as the fabric and binder.

This is a similar idea as what I hosted last winter, for the Christmas craft night. The  class will be separate from my other summer camp lessons and everyone in the class will be making the same thing. Students will have their own choice of fabric. 


As always, there will be a maximum of four students in the class. The first session will be Wednesday August 14th from 7-8pm. (If I have more of a demand for the class and it becomes full quickly, I will add another session at a later date). 

If interested please let me know ASAP so I can determine how many sessions I will need to have.

Hope to see everyone soon! :) 

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