Saturday, July 20, 2013

What I've been up to!

Summer has been keeping me so busy and unfortunately I haven't had a lot of time to post Youtube tutorials or post to my blog much!

Here is a photo of a carpenter's star wall hanging that I recently made using some leftover fabrics from another batik quilt that I made about a year ago.

Aside from quilting, teaching my sewing summer camps and preparing for an upcoming craft show, I have been taking more and more cake decorating courses at my local Michaels, arts and crafts store.

Here are some photos of some flowers that I made recently in a "course four: advanced flowers and gumpaste" class.

On Friday July 19th I attended a cupcake couture class, where we learned some awesome techniques to make fancy fondant cupcakes. We were one student short, in order to be able to run the class, so my Dad volunteered to fill the spot and save the class so it wouldn't be cancelled! He doesn't have very much background in the ways of cake decorating, but he did very well and surprised all the ladies in the class! 

 Here are some close-up photos of three different techniques we learned in the class...I bet everyone can tell which one is my favourite....

This pink and white one is my favourite, because it is a "quilted" perfect is that?

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