Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mod-Podge Fabric Plates

Hello Everyone!
I am officially done my exams for this semester, so as promised here is a super quick idea for those of you looking for a last minute Christmas project/hostess gift!

This is a tutorial on how to decoupage fabric onto the back of a glass plate. I did this little craft with some of the students in my sewing classes, as gifts for Mom, Grandma and Aunties. It's really fun and easy to do, you can whip up several in just one afternoon!

Here is a picture of the finished plate:

You will need:
-a clear glass plate
-a cotton fabric of your choice, it should be a couple inches bigger than your plate (I used a 10" plate) Note, that when choosing your fabrics it is best to sit your plate on top of various fabrics, so you will be able to imagine what each print will look like. You do not want to use a large print, or you won't get a lot of the print in your plate.
-Mod Podge
-a foam brush to apply the Mod Podge to your plate

First make sure you rinse your plate and dry it well, to make sure there are no finger prints or dirt on the glass. Then coat the BACK of the plate with a generous amount of Mod Podge, make sure you come right up to the edge of the plate too!

Then take your ironed piece of fabric and put that pretty side face DOWN on the back of your plate and smooth it out with your hands, making sure there are no bubbles. (At this point you should feel the glue start to come through the fabric, that is a good thing). Go along the edge of the plate and press the fabric down against the glue, you want to make sure the edges do not lift.

After letting it sit for about 3 minutes, trim the excess fabric so that your fabric is as close and as even with the edges of your plate as possible.

Now, you're going to completely cover it in Mod Podge again, use a generous amount but make sure it is an even layer and that you go over your edges again.

You have to now let your plate dry over night. I recommend that you repeat this last step, so that there is two layers of Mod Podge against the back of your fabric.

Now you're finished and ready to make as many as you wish! (Note that you can not put this fabric plate in water or the dishwasher, as the glue will not hold, and the fabric will come away from the plate. To clean, just wipe the top of the plate with a wet cloth.)

You can definitely play using various holiday prints or even everyday fabrics, depending on the occasion.

This is my personal Mod Podge assistant, he likes to watch :)

If you would like a fun Christmas cookie recipe, so that you can load up your plate with goodies, you can follow this link:
I made those cookies just a couple weeks ago and they are AWESOME! 

If anyone tries this, I'd love to see it, you can send me an E-mail at or post a photo to my Quilter's Workshop facebook page!

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