Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Distractions

Is anyone feeling very easily distracted lately? I AM!

I have studying and assignments to do, with finals coming up, but it is SO hard to stay focused when it seems like the people around you are having so much more fun, preparing for the holidays!
I spent some time baking cookies on the weekend, it was a nice break from school work! (What on earth is a quilter doing in a kitchen? I have no idea!)

Also, the Winter edition of Quilter's Connection magazine, that I am being featured in, is now out and available to purchase either online or in store. (mine is in the mail and on it's way from BC. so I have not yet seen it!) It is available at Chapter's or at select quilt shops including Evelyn's in Newmarket and Sew Sister's in Toronto.

I'd much rather be sewing Christmas gifts or shopping or doing more holiday baking, but I am stuck doing school work for another few weeks until the end of finals on December 20th.

The craft show I did on Tuesday night went well too!

I am off to Brampton this weekend for a cheerleading competition, PCA Nationals! Our team is a varsity team, consisting of both Durham College and UOIT students. Very excited!

I wish everyone good luck with avoiding distraction in order to accomplish everything on their to-do list!

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